​​​​​​​​​Using the Ignite Template Library

The Ignite template library consists of standardized layouts used to help app developers build automotive ready experiences. Templates can be customized to reflect your apps unique value and brand while reducing the effort required to fit the various themes, display sizes, and requirements defined by car makers.​



Ignite Components

How to use list items, buttons, cards and more

Ignite Overview​​

A summary of relevant information and actions with accompanying visuals
Ignite ListDetail
​Used for displaying detailed information based on a selected list item
​​Ignite Streaming Map
​Interactive map view to display POI content or overlay information

​​​​​​​​​​​Using the Android for Cars App Library

​In addition to the Ignite template library, developers can utilize existing templates provided by Google. These templates can be used to build apps for Android Auto, Android Automotive, and Ignite. If app developers have an existing experience built using the Android for Cars App Library, they can extend their apps experience but using additional templates from the Ignite template library.