Services post vehicle ship date will become increasingly important and will provide OEMs an avenue for growth to maximize lifetime value of the vehicle. A KPMG survey of automotive executives revealed that 85% agree that the digital ecosystem will generate higher revenues than the hardware of the car itself.  83% anticipate a major business model disruption over the next 5 years.  Finally, 82% agree a car needs its very own digital ecosystem. This presents a unique opportunity and a challenge for OEMs: How to capitalize on digital services post SOP that will help to increase lifetime value of the vehicle.

To realize this objective, there is a need for an ecosystem solution that will eliminate barriers to introduce innovative 3rd party services. The experiences need to be appropriate for the car and integrate with the primary capabilities of the head unit, such as the navigation and voice assistant systems. Services also need to adhere to distracted driving guidelines, which more than likely be unique to OEMs and markets. 

HARMAN Ignite Store is a comprehensive automotive solution that seamlessly brings 3rd party apps and services to the car, ensures they meet distracted driving guidelines, while allowing OEMs to retain control.​