​​​Developer Console​ Overview​

​Trying to get new apps and services into Automotive OEM vehicles has always been a great challenge.  In the past it required years of  negotiation, design reviews, integration testing, drive testing to even get one application into a vehicle.  With the Ignite Developer Console,  we can take what used to take years into just weeks or months.

Develop Once, Deploy Everywhere​​​

Through our Ignite Store developer agreement and certification process, by submitting your Android Automotive OS compliant applications to us, the same application goes through a single certification process.

Maintain Control​​

While the developer agreement you sign with Ignite gives you access to many of the top global Automotive OEMs.  Ultimately you control which OEMs get access to your apps.   Use our portals extensive targeting capabilities to specify which regions, which brands and what type of vehicle head units you want to support.

View Reports​​

Monitor your application's performance in the store.  Get insights into how many vehicles installs / uninstalls and more.

What to do next?

Right now the developer console is invite only. If you're interested, click the Join our partner ecosystem​, fill out the form and one of our partner managers will get back to you. Once you get access, you will be able to use the console with the credentials you were provided.​

Android Automotive OS is a trademark of Google LLC