​​App Approval or Rejection​

What happens when apps are rejected

The app can be rejected if the information supplied is not correct or if issues are found while performing  functional or automated testing  during certification.  When this happens, an  email notification is sent with details describing failure conditions and actionable feedback to correct an dresubmit the app for certification.  This includes:

  • Updating comment field for overview description of results
  • Log files
  • Access to reports highlighting why the app was failed
  • Any video attachments that​ is pertinent
  • Instructions on how to re-submit when the APK has been updated and is ready for retest

In the event where issues are identified, the response for the submission will be closed as completed, and the validation cycle will begin (renewed) upon submission of an updated app.

If you wish to dispute the rejection or need support in order to figure out how to fix the issues identified in the rejection report, you can file a request for support with the  HARMAN's partnership point of contact.​

What happens after Harman Certification approval

Once the application has been certified by HARMAN's​ Ignite team, the Automotive OEMs will log into their respective frontend to review the reports and approve the apps for each of their brands. At this point the OEMs have their flexibility to perform their own testing and validation before deciding to approve the application.​