​​​Smoke Tests

HARMAN's certification team will run your APK through the standard smoke test, confirm pass/fail, log errors or warning and other comments.  Primarily, the test cases revolve around whether or not your application works correctly with the reference templates provided either through the Ignite Store platform or from Android Automotive OS.

You will receive a copy of this report that highlights the test cases that have failed acceptance criteria, and will need to be resolved.

The export of the test cases, along with the automated testing report, will then be uploaded to the Global Admin portal for that pertinent app submission.

Hardware used for Manual Testing

Manual testing will be done on reference bench units, selected to be representative across multiple factors:

  • Screen size
  • Screen Orientation (Landscape or Portrait)
  • SSD capacity
  • Version of OS
  • CPU/Chipset

What We Test For

Test case suites will be tailored to each content domain (i.e. streaming audio vs video vs weather), but all manual testing will be across the following areas​:

  • Interoperability with Android Automotive OS
  • Interoperability with Ignite Store reference templates (if applicable)
  • Lack of objectionable content
  • Appropriate level of information collected and system permission access
  • App responsiveness and stability​​

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