​​​​​​​Logo Usage Gui​​delines


The logo lockup is available in three color schemes: blue, black and white. The white version should be used on dark backgrounds, while the black version should be used on light backgrounds. The blue version works on both light or dark backgrounds. There is one primary lockup colorway and two secondary lockup colorways available.

Prim​ary Lockup​



Secondary Lockups​​

HARMAN Ignite Logo_Blue_RGB.png

HARMAN Ignite Logo_All Black.png

​​​HARMAN Ignite Logo_White_RGB.png​​

HARMAN Ignite Logo_All White_RGB.png


​​To ensure that the logo is clearly visible, use the​ width of the M letterform within the HARMAN corporate logo as a clearspace benchmark on all sides.

​​clearspace 1.png

Ap​​p Icon

​In cases where the Ignite brand has a​lready been established, we simply use the icon on its own. While the icon can exist without the wordmark, the wordmark should never exist without the icon.

​​App Icon.png


The glyphs are available in four color schemes: white, blue, grey, dark grey and gradient. They must be used on backgrounds that have sufficient color contrast.

​​​HARMAN Ignite Glyph_Gradient_RGB 1.png
​​HARMAN Ignite Glyph_White_RGB 1.png
​​HARMAN Ignite Glyph_Blue_RGB 1.png
HARMAN Ignite Glyph_Dark Gray_RGB 1.png



​Two kinds of badges are available for use, one with a dark background (black) and one with a light background (white).

HARMAN Ignite Badge_Black_RGB 1.png
HARMAN Ignite Badge_White_RGB 1.png



​​The pattern consists of light grey waves on a dark background.
IgnitePattern 1.png



​​The typeface used for the Logo should be Kanit Extra Light.



​The color palette of the Ignite brand mainly focuses on shades of blue (light and dark) and neutrals (black, dark grey, and white).  A gradient is also present, which goes from left to right and from white to blue.
Color Palette.png