​​​Developer's Console and App Submission Process


Harman’s goal is to provide developers a consistent, standardized approach to developing and distributing Android Automotive OS apps and services. We do this by providing a discrete set of requirements and focusing on categories developers already are familiar with in Android Auto.  By providing OEM customers with “Ignite Certified” apps.   All apps distributed by Ignite Marketplace are validated to have been tested and deemed compliant with the Harman’s Automotive Android certification standards.​​​

Submission Workflow

Harman will review all apps and app updates submitted to the App Store in an effort to determine whether they are reliable, perform as expected, respect user privacy, and are free of objectionable content.  In order to make this review process as pain-free as possible, we have built a self-service developer console to give developer's ability to submit applications to us to review.  All changes to apps, including updates to existing apps must be certified via our app certification process.

Our OEM partners are also able to maintain control over their vehicles by explicitly approving all apps for distribution for their vehicle brands.​

Developer portal flow_V6.png