​​​Reports and Data Collection​​


As a developer in HARMAN Ignite Store, you need data to understand how your app is performing. Luckily, we provide easy to access reports on all key metrics as a set of dashboards built into the same portal where you manage your apps.


To view your app's dashboard:

  • Open the Developer Console
  • Login using the same credentials you used to publish your app(s)
  • Click on an app that is or was published
  • On the left menu, click Dashboard


  • Installs
  • Uninstalls
  • Sessions
  • Active Devices
  • Crashes (coming soon)

Filtering The Dashboard​​

On the top right, there is a dashboard to quickly switch to different apps or to see all activity across all listings ("All Apps").

Note: For details on a specific metric, hover over the question mark icon.