​​​​​​​​Android Automotive OS™ Media Requirements

Developers contributing to the Ignite Store should conform to Google’s  requirements for Android Automotive OS. For compliance as a media service provider for Android Automotive OS, refer to Google’s documents:​

​Google Documentation 


​Media template and system interaction​

Build media apps for cars

​Me​dia Apps must interact with the different media players and system apps.

​Media apps shall handle Media Browser Service APIs

Media app architecture overview

​For media apps to work with compatible Ignite Ecosystem Media Centers and Media Players, Android Automotive Media Apps must implement Media Browse with proper handling of meta-data, content folders, so that the Media Center can properly help the end user navigate through the media content.​

Granted connections for onGetRoot() should always return a non-null value.

​Media apps shall handle Media Session APIs​

Add Android Automotive OS support to your media app

Using a media session

​Media apps should implement all playback command callbacks.

Media apps must provide the proper meta-data content including album artwork.

All audio focus requirements for Android should be adhered to.

​Playback controls including custom icons / actions

Add custom playback actions

​For certain media apps, the standard action buttons for media playback may be customized. For example, live streams may not have fast forward, audio books may have speed settings, and online radio may not have previous track controls. 

​Voice intents and search

Interacting with assistant

​Ignite Ecosystem Service compatible voice assistants interacts with the car's Media Player directly. In order for the voice assistant to handle basic search and playback, the music service provider must adhere to the standard Android intent interfaces.​

​Sign in process (optional)

Implement settings and sign-in activities

​Display notifications

Notificat​ions ​on Android Automotive OS​​

​Error Handling

States and errors

​Media Apps should ensure proper handling of error conditions and the return of the appropriate error codes as described in the reference documentation.

Android Automotive OS is a trademark of Google LLC