​​Future Domains Support​

POI, LBS, and E-Commerce Templatized​ Services​

​​HARMAN relies on cloud side integration framework with 3rd party location-based content providers and uses a templatized scheme to integrate 3rd party content with the native navigation application. This enables rapid introduction of location-based services without requiring any code change in the car. The framework integrates with the native VPA system to ensure a voice first experience. Content providers can leverage a powerful cloud-based tool kit to ensure their services are car appropriate, intuitive, and elegant.

​HARMAN is focusing on top location-based service providers to develop services to ensure its cloud API are robust, scalable, and secure, and then will publish the API. At launch, OEMs will have access to the leading location-based services.   

The screen shots below depict the use case for a POI search of a cloud API content provider. The search could be thru voice, a recommendation, or touch. The 1st screen shot depicts an explore view for searching an item, followed by a search​ results list view, and each list view item can be expanded to a detailed view.


Places (Map).png

Route Overview.png

The above views use templates, and the OEM has control of ​​the UI. The content integration is done in the cloud. The map is the native navigation app, ensuring an integrated experience. The detailed view contains a number of buttons. These items point to either internal ‘actions’ (e.g. calling the location or navigating to the location) or external actions (e.g. making a reservation). The content provider will have the ability to push new capabilities when ready, and the experience in the car can be updated without requiring code update.

The approach for finding gas station or parking, as an example, will be identical for finding a POI. The experience pattern for all content is normalized, reducing risk of driver distraction. In addition, introduction of new content requires no head unit application download. Last, leveraging the vehicle navigation map ensures an integrated experience. Harman will implement cloud applications for a number of key content providers to demonstrate feasibility and prove the APIs.

Web Applications

​HARMAN​ Ignite Store supports web applications primarily to allow video services. This approach is similar to what Tesla has adopted to allow entertainment video services while the car is parked. Harman ​is partnering with Media Service Providers (MSP), who have existing relationship with range of well known video content providers. The media service provider bundle includes a media player, adaptive stream management, and DRM agents specific to video content providers.​
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