​​​​​Migrating Media Apps to HARMAN Ignite Store​

The following modifications should be handled for Android Automotive OS media apps looking to support Ignite Store Platform.

General Requirements For Any App Submit​t​ed to Ignite Store

​Google Documentation                   


​​Minimum API Level

Set up your project​

All cars that support Android Automotive OS run on Android 9 (A​PI level 27​) or higher, so selecting this value targets 100% of cars that use Android Automotive OS.​​

​Removing 3rd party dependencies

Google Play   ​services for cars

3rd party services should be disabled in Android Automotive APK.​

​​Migrating Firebase 

Handling Firebase Dependencies​

​Many native Firebase services are available. 

Signing and whitelisting media center and System Apps​

Media Apps must whitelist System Apps and Media Center Apps to ensure proper playback and usage of interfaces:

signature name="MediaCoreService" package="com.harman.media.server">

<signature name="IgniteMedia" package="com.harman.ignite.media">

<signature name="IgniteMedia" package="com.android.car.media">

Android Automotive OS and Google Play are trademarks of Google LLC​​