​​​Migrating Media Apps to HARMAN Ignite Store

Android Automotive is on its way to become the de-facto standard for head unit operating system, as it promises to reduce total cost of ownership and improve time to market. However, the most promising aspect of Android Automotive, is the market expectation to pave the way for seamless introduction of 3rd party apps and services. Harman's Ignite store offers a licensed​ collection of applications and services on top of Android Automotive, which also includes voice and navigation SDKs. The app store component allows consumers to download and run 3rd party applications.

Harman's Ignite Store also: 

  • Interpolates with OEMs choice of voice assistant and navigation solutions to ensure a seamless end to end solution
  • Ensures OEMs to retain ownership of vehicle data
  • Allows OEM's UI/UX customization.​

​To pave the path for Ignite store to support such applications, the following modifications should be handled for Android Automotive media apps:

Signing and whitelisting media center and System Apps​

Media Apps must whitelist System Apps and Media Center Apps to ensure proper playback and usage of interfaces:

signature name="MediaCoreService" package="com.harman.media.server">

<signature name="IgniteMedia" package="com.harman.ignite.media">

<signature name="IgniteMedia" package="com.android.car.media">