​​​Ignite Streaming Map Template​

Map.pngDe​​sign Guidelines

How to use

Map with interactive layers that can be toggled for POI streaming.


  • Header
  • Map
  • Map Markers 
  • Current Location Marker
  • POI toggle buttons (Optional)


While POI Streaming is considered its own feature (as defined by this template) and can be utilized as such – POI Streaming is not exclusive or limited to this template.​

​Developer Requirements

  • MUST display users currently location marker on the map.
  • MUST only display POI Markers that directly correspond to the currently active Toggle Button(s)
  • MAY enable more then one Toggle Button (categories) at a time.
  • MUST NOT include more than 6 visible Map Markers per active Toggle Buttons.
  • MAY include list view (Optional)
  • SHOULD limit marker locations to those that are closest or most relevant

Template Examples

Parking locations on the map

weather_map.jpg​Precipitation on the map