​Ignite ListDetail Template

List and Image.pngDesign Guidelines

How to use

The ListDetails template is used for presenting additional information about a selected listItem. The list can be updated using the IgniteChooser (optional) and display relevant additional data in the secondary panel.


  • Header
  • IgniteChooser (optional)
  • List/IgniteList
  • Title
  • ListItems
  • Image/Icon​

​​Developer Requirements​

  • MUST provide a content title in the header
  • MAY provide an image or icon related to content
  • MAY  include a category list header (Optional)
  • MUST provide scrollable list content
  • MUST included expanded details
  • MAY potentially Include multiple views for the "expanded content details" depending on App / Service features

Template Examples

List and Image_weather.jpg
Weather example

Charge History.jpg
Charging History example